UFO video from Haiti, Punta Cana, Paris and Brooklyn

Haiti, Paris, read Roques, Punta Cana, is at present centers of the UFO fan municipality. Several UFO videos among other things from these places therefore hold at present the panels world-wide in breath, like always turn the question whether the videos are possibly genuine.

The videos, which show UFOs over Haiti and other cities of the world, are meanwhile the racer with the well-known video platforms in the Internet. Over YouTube the UFO Filmchen of Haiti over millions times was already looked at. In this video the UFOs look like blooms of a flower with a light in the center.

The authenticity Haiti of the film is angzweifelt by many, since the aircraft do not produce any noises with the overflight/flyover of the camera. Who doubts it for this reason should however consider, if it concerns extraterrestial ways of life and these back such far ways have the technology to put, then they will have also created it with security loudless progressive movement means to build.

Allegedly the palms in this video are to look all the same also, as if the whole scenery at the computer became first ELT and and this-same palm was duplicated several times. However with more exact Hinsehen one recognizes already different details by the palms.

Also the photographs of lot Roques, Isla de Roques are interesting, fly a presumed UFO also here by the picture. This is however a large disk with a structure above drauf, which lets it look from a distance like an oversize Sombrerohut. In addition, one sees again a characteristic bright surface on the lower surface of the UFOs here.

Nearly daily new videos emerge, want surely simply only attention to reach and have a little at the computer run-tinkered many, when they noticed, what straight world-wide for a Hype around UFO sighting begin, but some are made so good, which the borders between reality and fiction blur. Perhaps that is actually genuine in or others.

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